Derek Osterlund Portfolio:

Thank you in advance for visiting my online portfolio. I’m a freelance artist, designer and director available for hire! Please feel free to browse the portfolio of select projects and artwork. If you have questions regarding a project don’t hesitate, just ask!

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Hi, my name is Derek T. Osterlund. This is my portfolio website. I’m an artist, designer, art examiner, art director and goSkate instructor. Yep I can hold my own on a sk8 board and in the board room. An award wining artist and designer I bring my best to each project. I believe all design should be good; facilitate usability, function and convey a clear message.

Adobe CS5 Design Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Fireworks. Apple Final Cut Studio, DVD Studio, Soundtrack, Compressor, Motion. I can merge traditional hands on art with digital media for that unique look. Specializing in multimedia design and art direction.

I simply love design and find myself admiring it from restaurant menus to billboards. Love QR Codes and promotional SMS advertising techniques. I do love my apple computer and a hot WIFI spot. Much love for the swiss design and the Bauhaus. I dream of color theory and a life led by design. I aspire to be a better designer on every project. I also love espresso up to 3x daily.